Going back in time





A visit to a historical site takes me back in time. I can’t help but think about the drama these places, the walls and the roads might have seen that we haven’t. They have truly withstood the test of time and must have witnessed anthologies that shaped our today.

While a lot was going on in my mind, my hands were busy as well trying to capture some of the remnants of  the days gone by. The images are few as a fickle weather condition didn’t allow me to use my lenses as much as I would have loved to. But whatever I could click are close to my heart though far back in time!


4 thoughts on “Going back in time

  1. I recently wrote about how intriguing the ancient peoples and cultures have been for me my whole life, and your posting here illuminates one of the many reasons the ancients hold such fascination for us.

    Your thoughtful visit to my blog is much appreciated and I hope you intend to write more about “going back in time.”

    Regards…..John H.

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