Furry Delight

persian cat, falt face, book shop, bangalore

I have always believed that traveling to new places and exploring the world around us is the biggest source of entertainment and education that anybody can ask for. However, when I say travel, I am no way talking about those soul-less conducted tours where people are huddled into cabs and buses and given “deadlines” to explore a place. To me, it sounds like I am at work, under the watchful eyes of my boss, rather than going on a relaxing holiday!!

A true travel experience for me is to explore the hidden corners and treasures of a new place that are nowhere mentioned in any travel guides. Well, I found such a spot in Bangalore, my favorite city in India, that I am currently exploring.  So, shall I let the cat out of the bag?

OK, well, it is a magazine shop with a very unique USP. It’s a shop that attracts people from all walks of life. While some genuinely stumble upon it by chance, the majority of the others just keep returning back again and again and AGAIN. Located in a corner on the bustling Brigade road in Bangalore, the magazine shop is home to eleven magnificent feline beauties. While majority of them are Persian pure breeds, my favorite is the super cute British Short Hair who hates being picked up and loves to remain aloof amidst the crowd.


All the cats are extremely friendly and thoroughly used to gazing eyes and camera flashes around them.  The owners believe that the cats are very lucky for their business and even mentions of a period of dwindling profits when they temporarily removed the cats for a year. They have not repeated the mistake ever since!!

Call it coincidence or an actual miracle; no one actually has got the time to care or a moment to spare, as they step into the shop. As you enter, you are mesmerized by big round eyes staring at you as if trying to figure out why exactly are you back again. Even since I landed in Bangalore, I had been visiting the shop every weekend and intend to do so as long as I am here. The owners don’t mind and I am sure, nor do the cats. I have given my own names to each one of them but so has everybody who visits the shop regularly just likes me.





So just in case you are visiting Bangalore, don’t forget to step by the magazine shop at Brigade road. The cats will love to have you around and you will take back with you, an experience of a lifetime…

55 thoughts on “Furry Delight

  1. awesome post & pix… glad I’ve come across your blog, I’m a cat lover, à la vie, à la mort… 🙂 My very best, have a peaceful weekend and sunny greetings from Toulouse, France… cheers! Mélanie

  2. They are beautiful cats. I think any place is improved by the addition of an animal. Our local bookstore has an employee named Gatsby and his job is to visit each customer and sit in the window. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

  3. Hi Pankaj. I’ve come to your blog via uphilldowndale, where you left a comment today. I love your pictures, and shall be a regular visitor. I particularly like your blue roan cocker spaniel, as that is just the dog I have in mind to keep my little Rani company. This post about the cats is very nice. You may be interested to read an article I just read yesterday in The Times (of London): ‘Animal Lovers Pledge £109,000 for Cat Cafe’. I’ve just realised Times articles are behind the paywall, but maybe you can read it somehow.

    1. Thanks for your lovely words…I am so happy that you liked the posts in my blog….As far as Casper (the Spaniel) is concerned he is so good is winning hearts…
      How do I get into your Blog? Is that Rani on your Gravatar profile? She is so cute and I wonder how did you come up with the name “Rani”….I will surely try to read the article on times…..

  4. Hi Pankaj, glad you enjoyed my blog with the ‘cats and cardboard boxes’ video. I love your photos – am going to share with a cat loving friend of mine!

  5. That’s the kind of bookstore I’d love to visit. If cats live there, the books must be extra SPECIAL. If dogs lived there, the books would all be dog-eared. (Okay, bad joke, but I couldn’t resist).

  6. Your post reminded me of Hemingway’s house (now a museum) in Key West, FL. There’s about 50 cats living there. Most of them have the polydactyl trait – six toes! You would love it!

    1. Yes he is a male and so is the one sitting on the human’s lap…He will be delighted to know that you find him handsome…
      But I need to check if he is already taken…In that case, I will show him your photo and keep my fingers crossed…

  7. I love that white one you have the lovely close-up photo of: it’s like she (or he?) is saying “Hello, would you like to spend some time adoring me?”

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