Cherrapunjee–Where it rains all the time!!!


Cherrapunjee at its best

I love when it rains!!!! It’s great to see how nature rejuvenates itself and oozes freshness all around after rain. So I decided to indulge myself a bit and went to Cherrapunjee, supposedly the wettest place on earth.  Located in the North-eastern State of Meghalaya in India, Cherrapunjee is a photographer’s delight!!!! I went there just before the rainy season but it was still so wet!!!!


Mountain traverse

I have read in the Geography books how the moisture laded winds hit the mountains and it rains!!! I literally saw that happening right in front of my eyes as we drove along the snaky mountain roads.  This is a true nature’s paradise that has not yet witnessed the mad rush of tourists….


A breathtaking view of the river down below.


Feels like I am floating amidst the clouds


The majestic Nohkalikai falls


Trying to capture as much of Cherrapunjee as I can…The last resort, my mobile phone…


All good things must come to an end..The road back.

So if you ever find yourself in the North-eastern region of India, take some time off to visit this natural wonder called Cherrapunjee….You will love it…I hope!!

27 thoughts on “Cherrapunjee–Where it rains all the time!!!

    1. Well here it rains so much and so heavily that people living in houses with tin roofs are forced to communicate through sign language… 🙂
      I was in the UK for 4 years before moving to Germany and there were times when I yearned for the sun…But slowly I got used to the cloudy weather…
      And the Brits are definitely not grumpy but very friendly and fair…I loved it when I was there….

  1. The Nohkalikai Falls look amazing! I’m always scared of taking my camera where there is too much moisture, but your shots came out great!

  2. Greetings furless one. The human went nuts over those pictures and a place where it rains all the time….(she LOVES rain…and I HATE it). With my luck she’ll want to go there now. Thanks.



  3. Beautiful photos – you even make the road look stunning. 🙂 I’d love to see some mist and greenery here: I live in South Australia, where although we get plenty of sunshine, we don’t get much rain. And although the local councils around the city have made a big effort to plant lots of trees, the native vegetation is very grey in tone – nothing like those glorious strong greens in your pictures. 🙂

  4. Beautifully crafted photos. Very lovely blog. Thank you for visiting me. I look forward to coming back for more site seeing. You are a wonderful guide. 🙂 Meredith

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