Mawlynnong: Serene, clean and spectacular…..


A view from the road to Mawlynnong…

Keeping with my trend of taking the roads least explored, I came to Mawlynnong, supposedly the cleanest Village in Asia, a title christened by the likes of National Geographic and BBC. Located in the north eastern state of Meghalaya at a distance of around 90 kilometers from the capital city of Shillong, Mawlynnong borders Bangladesh and is a real natural jewel.  The road that leads to Mawlynnong is surely one of the most beautiful in the country and the views that it offer are simply mind blowing…


A cart who lost its way in the woods…..

As one approaches Mawlynnong from a chaotic Indian urban setting so full of people and filthy streets, the transition couldn’t be more dramatic…


A very quiet alleyway…


A small restaurant in the village.


The rustic eatery where we had our lunch.


The traditional kitchen. Worn out but very clean.

True to its claim, the tarred streets of the village are remarkably spotless, the front yards of the village houses are immaculately well-kept and the rustic village eatery where we had lunch oozes freshness in tons….Unlike in the west, this is a rarity in India and our cities have so much to learn from this tiny hamlet.
What I really enjoyed in Mawlynnong are the many tree houses that offers spectacular birds eye view of the Bangladesh plains down below…As I started climbing up a tree house on bamboo stilts, I had a momentous fight with my vertigo but everything was worthwhile once I saw the views…


A tree house.


The climb up..


The views!! The distant Bangladesh flood plains shrouded in mist..


The climb down…

This quintessential khasi (the most prominent tribe of the state of Meghalaya) village tucked away in the midst of nature is a beautiful find and can be a perfect weekend gateway for weary city dwellers like us..

Just outside the village is another natural wonder that seems to have come out from a fantasy tale. Do keep an eye for this wonderful travel account in my next post!!!

21 thoughts on “Mawlynnong: Serene, clean and spectacular…..

  1. I am obsessed with tree houses, the bamboo incline is superb! I have fallen in-love with this tree house! Thank you for posting! -Lago 🙂

  2. Greetings furless one. Beautiful photography (my human loves photography)…my purrsonal favorite is the bridge…but scary. I wouldn’t go anywhere near it!

    (nice blog…fur a human)!


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