When life is worth living!!


Cody the naughty Dalmatian

It does not matter where I am, my sweethearts are always in my mind and heart. So here is something on what they have been up to lately!!!!
Casper, my feisty English Cocker Spaniel has already appeared on two of my posts before and it is about time my naughty Dalmatian called Cody and my proud Indian cat called Poos Poos are properly introduced to my readers. So here they are, in all their pomp and glory..


Poos Poos going groovy

Our neighbor’s Golden Retriever called Gold also came along to say hello and it was an evening well spent over lots of treats and biscuits…


Casper and Gold…It seems they have a lot to share.


Pleasantries exchanged, its now time for some treats and play…

They all rock my world and make life worth living…..

19 thoughts on “When life is worth living!!

  1. Thank you, Pankaj, for following my blog. It is a welcome chance to communicate. I am not a very frequent blogger largely because as a writer I have a tendency to fuss over my little posts as if they were headed straight for the Nobel. Time consuming, but I can’t seem to help it. Dig around some more in my archives when you have time. There are even some decent photos. Cheers! Kate

      1. Oh well, that’s because he does all the mischief and acts like he does not know anything and that he is a simple timid dog…All the blame than goes to our super hyper Spaniel called Casper…I set up my video camera once and the surveillance got all the wrong doings of Cody on film…So Cody is the real naughty one from that day!!! I think cunning or clever are more appropriate adjectives though….

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