Beauty is always around!!


The sunset over Brahmaputra

It is very strange that we fail to notice the beauty of things when they are very close to us..The same appears exotic and notice worthy when factors like distance and inaccessibility comes into the equation.
I was determined not to become a subscriber to this mindset and went out with my camera to view the spectacular sunset over the river Brahmaputra. The Brahmaputra, also known as Tsangpo, originates in Tibet and enters India in the State of Arunachal Pradesh in the North East. Along with the nationality, the river changes its name to Dihing. As it meanders through Arunachal Pradesh and enters my state of Assam, it changes its name once again and becomes Brahmaputra. This is where I come in!!!!


All the dazzle and glory.

The river flows right through my home town of Guwahati and when I was there recently, I made my mind to capture it in all its glory during the sunset. I played a bit with the shutter speed and managed to capture these beautiful shots. The incandescent effect gave a whole new character to the same photograph; the sunset started looking like a serene moonlit night.


When day becomes night, courtesy my camera. The incandescent filter working hard.

So if you ever visit Guwahati, the gateway to all the fantastic places I have written about in my recent posts, do not forget to stroll along the banks of this might river. Just like me you will surely find some peace and serenity….

21 thoughts on “Beauty is always around!!

  1. I love the blue view of the Brahmaputra. Would you consider letting me use it for an amateur publication? Naturally I would credit you however you would wish to be credited.

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