Bohemian Spirit

I love traveling and I love animals and my blog is all about going to places interesting and less visited. I also love to take photographs and I believe that images say more than words. I recently acquired a NIKON SLR and my dear readers have seen some of my humble efforts at photography in my earlier post…

Today is revelation time about something I had been doing all this while. I do my bit of fashion photography as well and my model is none other than my wife…She has a beautiful fashion blog and I am proud to announce that I am the resident photographer 🙂 Here is something that we created today. Take a look and keep an eye out for a fashion photo diary in my next post..Stay tuned!!

8 thoughts on “Bohemian Spirit

  1. That dress is absolutely gorgeous! The lines are simple and the fabric choices work together beautifully. The blurring in your photo emphasizes the cool airiness of the fabrics.

  2. Handsome husband, beautiful wife. And, yes, that is a lovely and unique dress. Not for my octogenarian bones, but I can easily admire it. Good luck to both of you. Kate Gilmore

  3. You are a very fortunate man to have such a beauty as your life partner…and you are very skilled with the camera also…

    Thanks for stopping by to visit me….Your visit brought me here and it was a lovely treat…..John H.

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