In a rather sombre mood.

From a religious perspective, many animals are highly revered in India and some of them are even worshiped as the reincarnation of popular and powerful Gods. The monkey happens to be one of them! There are many temples in my home town in India and the common Rhesus Macaques have made these religious places their permanent homes. Food is plentiful all around and there are some rich pickings to be made in the form of fruits, gains, pulses, flowers and what not…


Life as a God is good.


What will I do without you?


It is so relaxing when someone grooms you!!

I managed to capture these shots during one of my recent visits to a temple and I believe they came up decently well. What say?

18 thoughts on “Moods

  1. What funny little creatures! I think they and the Creature Would get along great….(then it would be QUIET around here)!

    * did you know the Egyptians worshipped kats?? (smart)!


  2. Great pictures! I always find it fascinating that some animals are treated as Gods throughout parts of Asia. Never had the chance yet to visit your continent, but it is in our to-do list one day! I would love to get to know those animals as well then 🙂

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