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Dear readers, here is wishing you a very prosperous year ahead and also timidly pushing in my apology note for being away for a while….But fear not, I am back again and starting off the new year with a weekly feature (Every Friday) called “Faces.”

After all, “The face is more honest than the mouth will ever be.” Daphne Orebaugh….

Today’s Feature: A CONTENDED FACE.

8 thoughts on “Faces!!!

  1. WeLcome back, human!! I’ve missed you and your lovely images. Looking FURward to the new series- I’ve started a new series every Tuesday also- “Tubster Tuesday-” in honor of my recently euthanized kat pal, Tubster. He belonged to one of my humans and he was a sweet extra loving ginger kat – (sometimes annoyingly loving)- but he had feline HIV and had to be euthanized Oct. 11.

    I’ve never seen the humans cry so much- the whole neighborhood cried the day the took him to the vet fur the last time- and some of the neighbors still come and put a flower on his grave. (He seemed more human than kat).

    Happy New Year to you and Sarmistha!💜💚🌟✨💫

    1. I am also very happy to be back dear Shrimp…I missed you!!! I am really saddened to hear about Tubster…He surely filled the lives of his humans with lots of love when he was around….But now he is in an even better place you know….I will keep an eye for your Tubster Tuesday series every week…I also pray for him tonight!!! And a very very happy new year to you and your human…Love and hugs!!!!

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