How it all changed for a day!!

A shot of the rising sun

“Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies!”

I simply love this line from the movie Shawshank Redemption and I truly believe that it is nothing but hope that keeps us all going from one day to another. In a country like India where poverty is still rampant, you don’t have to look far to witness the struggle for a livelihood. Struggle there may be in the life of millions, but there is one more thing that gives them contentment for whatever they have and the motivation to get on with life no matter how hard it gets. That special thing is nothing but HOPE..

The hope project

The Village belles”

This post is about two beautiful young girls full of positivity, cheer and of course, hope. Life is definitely not a bed of roses for them and if they don’t toil in the fields under the hot sun everyday, there may not be food on the table at night. Every time time we see them, as they return after a hard days work at the fields, we are greeted with a wide smile that could brighten up a dull day and no where will you spot any sign of discontentment on their faces. However, one thing that we could spot in their eyes was lots and lots of hope. They are driven by the hope that one day their hard work will bear fruit and their lives would get better. That day, I am sure will come very soon but we wanted something more immediate. My wife, who is a fashion designer and a fashion blogger has this knack of spotting raw beauty and she saw it in ample amounts in the girls. So we decided to bring some joy into the lives of these lovely village ‘belles’ who hardly get any time to pamper themselves. Underprivileged they may be in the society but when it comes to beauty and grace, God has been very generous with them. The idea was to give them a complete makeover and “WOW” everybody around them with their transformation. We wanted to make them fall in love with themselves and make them realize that they are as beautiful from outside as they are from inside. They had never stepped into a beauty parlour before and we took them straight to a high-end L’Oreal beauty salon.  To be very honest, we never cared how they would look but what really made us happy was the amount of fun they were having.  After all the pedicure, manicure, skin care and hairdo at the salon, it was time to dress up and do a shoot and I was really impressed by their confidence in front of the camera. The transformation was truly amazing and we have heard that the girls have almost become mini celebrities in the village. Take a look at some of the shots from the day..Oh, by the way, the blue is Nisha and the red is Suman.

The hope project

Together we look good!!

The hope projectThe hope projectThe hope project

Nisha letting her hair down!

The hope projectThe hope projectThe hope project

The ravishing Suman!

The happiness that we could see in the eyes of these lovely mademoiselles was very intoxicating and fulfilling indeed and the joy that we felt by making the day special for them was divine!!!


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