The world of style and glamor!!!!

style over coffee

Hello everybody,

The regular readers of my blog will have lots of complaints against me. It seems I have almost given up blogging. But trust me, the last few months had been amazingly hectic…I am barely surviving under the pressure of tons and tons of work….But now, things are slowly falling in place once again and I am able to find my way back to my beloved blog. I have got so much to share and I thought the best way would be to add an entirely new category.


I was introduced to blogging by my wife who is a prolific fashion blogger herself. She is way more disciplined  than me and strikes a perfect balance between her blog commitments and her full time role of a senior design manager in the largest denim producing group in the world. Here is a link to her blog

style over coffee

You will be happy to know that I do all her blog photoshoots and in the last two years I have improved a lot. So I thought, why not have a page of my own where I share my shots with you guys. So today is the day when I start doing that and I would so much look forward to seeing you lovely comments.

I am so sorry for being so irregular but things are surely going to change for good from now…

Take care


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