The gregarious parrots

The gregarious parrot

Whenever I travel or even when I am at home, I am always on the look out for birds. I love doing bird photography and on occasions more than often I did not take as many photographs of the tourist attraction that I visited compared to number of bird shots I captured. However, I always return a happy man and given a change I will do it all over again.

The gregareous parrot

I recently visited the “Gandhi Ashram” in Ahmadabad where Mahatma Gandhi once lived and led the Indian Freedom struggle. For Indians, it is almost like visiting a sacred temple and there are so many things to see that have got immense historical significance. I am not saying I did not see all of those but somehow the best memories that I have from the place are these…Take and look and enjoy…

The gregareous parrot

The gregareous parrot

Looking forward to hearing your lovely comments and thoughts…

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9 thoughts on “The gregarious parrots

  1. Thanks for sharing! For a second there, I was like, “Are they real?!” Such beautiful photography. How do you manage it? 🙂

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